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Cognitive Capture

At DataSkill, we noticed that many businesses and government agencies were manually reviewing varied and highly complex documents before a case could be approved. These labor intensive processes were slow, expensive and error prone. What was needed was a way to capture the documents and extract structured data from the unstructured content so the key information could be verified, and a compliance check completed. The solution is to use IBM Datacap.

Because we recognize that in many situations standardized documents simply aren’t an option, DataSkill’s approach is to use artificial intelligence to understand documents and place the data into a standard format. Our recommendation is IBM Datacap. This is a cognitive capture system that uses natural language processing, text analytics and machine learning to automatically find, extract and classify important information from complex and variable documents. It analyzes content to understand information and context. It increases accuracy as it continues to learn.

CATTURA by DataSkill fine-tunes the solution. It can increase speed of deployment, increase the effectiveness of the solution and it supports a faster return on investment. DataSkill recommends IBM Datacap to ensure that key information is available to your business so that documents can be reviewed and verified quickly and efficiently. Use CATTURA by DataSkill to further tailor the solution to a particular business problem.

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Cognitive Capture