Data Fabric Approach in Use: – discover how two different organizations have successfully implemented a data fabric solution.

Data fabrics aid data discovery. IBM Cloud Pak for Data provides an integrated data governance, data quality and compliance solution. It is built with a data fabric architecture to improve productivity and collaboration, by reducing data complexity. This has led to DataSkill and IBM applying IBM Cloud Pak for Data to a variety of use cases across industry verticals. In this blog you can discover how two different organizations have successfully implemented a data fabric solution.


A world-wide bank was looking to provide high-quality, governed, business and regulatory audit-ready data across the entire enterprise. Their current strategy had led to data silos. Regulatory requirements were making querying data difficult and complex. By employing IBM Cloud Pak for Data, they were able to access data from across the bank, whilst maintaining proper data governance. In addition, they were able to leverage data virtualization, for existing on-premise investments with data, to remove data silos.


A global telecommunications enterprise was experiencing low user productivity due to bureaucracy associated with getting access to data caused by data privacy, time to make copies and de-identification of data. Whilst keeping data in place, they were able to use IBM Cloud Pak for Data to centralize the policy definitions. Then they automated the enforcement of these policies across the entire organization, which led a self-service capability, driving access to data from weeks to minutes. Not only were they able to reduce the cost of their infrastructure, but by simplifying the access to data, they also increased the productivity of all the different teams who needed access to that data.

DataSkill recommends the use of IBM Cloud Pak for Data to provide access to higher quality and more complete data, by consolidating data management tools and minimizing data duplication. In turn, DataSkill believes that IBM Cloud Pak for Data can lead to deeper and more accurate insights and ultimately drive better business decisions. Please reach out to arrange a DataSkill consultation and discover how IBM Cloud Pak for Data can benefit your organization.