Another chance to catch our IBM Analytics 101 Webinar

Did you catch our IBM Analytics 101 Webinar yesterday? If you did, we thank you for taking the
time out of your busy day and hope that you found it valuable – I know lots of you did, as we have
already received comments about how this provided a clear overview of the IBM Analytics solutions
and some of their key uses. For those of you who reached out asking for a more in depth look at
some of the products – stay tuned as we hope to announce more webinars in this series in the near

While we are giving out thanks, I’d like to take a moment to thank Claire Coleman our Consutlant
and Andrew Hook an IBM Business Solutions Specialist at DataSkill for hosting a really informative
introduction to IBM Analytics.

The webinar focused on how to uncover the insights in your data and use these to make better
business decisions. It looked at some of the challenges facing organizations today including the need
to overcome data siloes and encourage collaboration across the enterprise. As well as considering
the risks evolving from inaccurate data and poor data access. It then explored how IBM provides a
solution to these problems by providing a comprehensive Analytics product portfolio. Explaining
how through analytics and artificial intelligence IBM and DataSkill can improve decision-making and
give your enterprise the competitive advantage. The webinar then went on to introduce three key
IBM Analytics solutions.

IBM Planning Analytics with Watson

IBM Planning Analytics with Watson is an AI-powered Extended Planning and Analysis (xP&A)
solution that enables organizations to create coordinated, more accurate and more agile plans using
a trusted and governed source of data. With IBM Planning Analytics with Watson you can go beyond
the “what” and get to the “why” and “what’s next” using its embedded predictive and AI
capabilities. Its scenario modeling allows you to see the impact of decisions before executing. From
Finance to Ops, IT to Sales, IBM Planning Analytics with Watson provides an easy to use platform
with the ability to create reliable, accurate, integrated plans that drive better decisions.

IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson

IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson is a complete Business Intelligence Solution, that connects data
from across the organization and harnesses AI to allow users to easily prepare data, analyze it and
report their findings. It creates data visualizations that not only show you where your business is
today, but also help you predict what will happen tomorrow. Thanks to Natural Language Processing
(NLP), IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson allows users to ask questions in everyday language in
order to quickly gain insights into the data. And its drag and drop interface make it easy to share
insights with key stakeholders.


The IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics portfolio provides users with advanced statistical analysis that is
easy to use, flexible and scalable. With its ability to derive insights form both structured and
unstructured data along with machine learning algorithms, it puts predictive analytics into the hands
of every person and process in the organization. Within the SPSS software family of products, IBM
SPSS Statistics supports a top-down, hypothesis testing approach to your data, while IBM SPSS
Modeler exposes patterns and models hidden in data through a bottom-up, hypothesis generation

The webinar concluded with a look at why IBM Business Analytics solution portfolio was named a
Market Leader in the 2022 Integrated Planning & Analytics report from BARC Research. BARC
noted how:

  • IBM Planning Analytics with Watson provides expansive budgeting, planning, and
    forecasting capabilities with comprehensive Excel-based functionality.
  • IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson provides end-to-end data analytics platform that spans
    data preparation, modeling, analysis, reporting, and dashboards.

The report also mentioned IBM’s well established partner community. As an IBM Gold Business
Partner with over 25 years experience, DataSkill is well placed to provide product support and
knowledge to assist you with your IBM Software solutions.

For those of you who were unable to attend the webinar yesterday, we are offering another chance
to join us on December 21st at 2pm EST. Sign up at the website today and receive a free copy of our
IBM Analytics ebook.