4 Steps to better decisions

IBM has just released a new ebook about the “Four Steps to better business decisions”. This ebook
is great introduction to Data and Analytics. It helps you to begin planning your data journey so that
you and your enterprise can start using data to uncover insights and drive better business decisions.

The ebook lays out a 4-step process:

Step 1 – Determine where data can help
Discuss expectations
Act to empower everyone, regardless of skill

Step 2 – Consider business analytics capabilities
Planning and predictive forecasting
Data visualization
Prescriptive analytics
A note about reporting

Step 3 – Create awareness for the proper data foundation

Step 4 – Advocate for the right technology

The appendix goes on to explain how you can prepare for vendor conversations. It suggests that you
explain your general goals, as well as discussing what you are looking to achieve with your decision making process.

The IBM ebook goes on to provide a set of questions that you may want to consider
or discuss. I have provided a copy of the questions below – as I feel that the these will really help in
comparing solutions and ultimately will highlight why IBM was named 2021 Gartner Peer Insights
Customers’ Choice for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms.

  • Is your interface simple, web-based, and easy to use?
  • How are workflows governed and managed?
  • How quickly can your solution be integrated?
  • Do I have the option to use an Excel user interface to speed adoption of your solution?
  • What kind of modeling can I expect?
  • Do you offer self-service exploratory analytics, dashboarding and prediction?
  • What sort of reporting is available?
  • How does your solution support alignment with corporate strategy and business targets?
  • Does your solution allow for the scalability that my business will require?
  • How do you keep my data safe?

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